Traditional Music Dance and Folklore

Singing and dancing is part of the culture of the South Kordofan people who continue to perform despite the conflict in the region as well as on its southern border.

Dressed in bright colours and playing instruments made from animal horns, the dance group perform an unforgettable show inspired by the environment that surrounds them.

Dance is a big part of life for the inhabitants of this region and is used to mark all events throughout their lives.

“We sing traditional folkloric songs, full of enthusiasm and courage, for happiness during the cultivation of crops, and even when one of us dies,” explains singer Adam Mohamadein.

Despite numerous ceasefires being declared over the last six years, conflict between armed rebels and government forces has continued. Nevertheless, the people of the Nubian mountains continue to dance in the hope that one day peace will come.

“We look forward to peace. There is a lot of folklore in the region that can resurface once peace is realised. Our heritage contains courage, chivalry and peace,” says Ishaq Rahma, head of the Al Agayra tribe.

In 2011, South Kordofan witnessed a war between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement leaving thousands of people either displaced or dead.

But despite the hardships experienced by the local people, they still feel strong.

“The Nubian people are well built and this shows in our dancing, this is old folklore,” says folklore specialist Ahmed Raha.

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