The Amazing Artwork of Sudanese Youth Pre During and Post the December 2018 Revolution

On my last visit to Sudan in December 2019 I arrived at a time when most of the people were preparing for the 1st Year Remembrance of the beginning of the Revolution in December 2018. The atmosphere was a mixture of joy and sadness as I encountered those who had survived the violence, those who lost relatives/friends/neighbours and those who were looking forward to a New Sudan.

A lot of the experiences during the Revolution and Protests were captured on Camera and posted on Social Media as we all know but for me what was more appealing was the artistic graffiti almost everywhere I went in particularly in the city of Umdurman. …on the side of houses….walls…under bridges…..just about anywhere where there was space to draw something was used….So, I walked around with my Camera capturing as much as possible just in case they become physically erased in the future for whatever reason……I wish I could have had the time to take more….but for the few I did….its okay…….please enjoy the artistic work of Sudanese youth.

Abdelkarim Ibrahim

I video recorded these works of Art outside the Sudanese National Museum